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Darrell and Donnia at Larcomar, Miraflores district of Lima, Peru

Donnia and I hope everyone had a truly wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family, to me Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday.

You mean it’s only 29 days until Christmas! 2017 has been a very busy and fast year for me and Donnia, but it has also been a very great year of ministry every month being filled with places to go, messages to teach and seeing God do wonderful things. November was no different. We taught three seminars and hosted our dear friend and fellow missionaries Cathy Bentley and Tania Sims as they came and taught on “End Times” at Rhema North campus.

As I said Cathy and Tania came for a week and Cathy taught at the north campus on the subject of “End Times.” She had taught this in our main campus in 2015 and the pastors in Carabayllo District of Lima have been asking for her to come and teach in that area. They are about 2 hours from our main campus. Donnia and Cathy and Tania stayed in Comas only about 10 minutes from our main campus. (Also, we encourage you to check out Cathy’s website Connected to the Word for her teachings and both written and video.)

We want to give a very special “Thank You” to Tania for coming and translating for Cathy which made the classes really clear for the participants as she knows how to, shall we say, keep up with Cathy.

Here is a short video of the visit with them and I tell you of a few updates and some news. On Wednesday we had a day off, as it were, because all of Peru was preparing for the “Big Game” against New Zealand to see who would be going to Russia to play for the World Cup and everybody in Peru would be glued to a screen somewhere.

Lima had big screens up downtown and in various parts of the city and the government closed offices early, churches postponed services and streets were closed all over the city. So we took the opportunity to see some sites, eat at one of all of our favorite restaurants and walk around the beautiful Miraflores District of Lima. If you have not been to Peru or to Lima I personally invite you to come and let us show you around, we promise you will enjoy it.

Missionaries Cathy Bentley and Tania Sims teaching in Peru



Remember…look to your future and not to the past, learn to live in the grace of God and love much, forgive always and hold no bitterness toward anyone


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